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webERP is a community with the objective of the furtherance of webERP and web-based business management software in general.

Please feel free to contribute and add to this combined knowledge base of the webERP community, but please UserSettings register and logon
(NB. Unfortunately only registered users can edit and add new pages - some fools make it their misson to vandalise our content otherwise!)
Once logged on, simply double click on the page or click the edit page link at the bottom of the page - a box for editing will appear containing the page contents. It's pretty self explanatory but - InstructionForContributing additional information about using the Wiki is available here

Also as a cautionary note, be aware that webERP is a continually evolving system and comment in this wiki may be superseeded as new development takes place and later versions are released. The wiki administrator reserves the right to delete content that is no longer relevant.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project and contributing some code ... GREAT! We've made up some ContributingtowebERP guidelines to ease the pain. This link also outlines the goals/mission of the project.

FaqCategory FAQ and Help Guides

DevelopmentCategory Development

* FrequentlyAskedQuestionsInstallation FAQ - Installation * ExpectationsManagement Expectaions and Project Management
* FrequentlyAskedQuestions FAQ - General Use * FunctionalityStillMissing GL and Sales Budgeting
* HowTo Various Guides for General Use * POS POS
* HowToInstall Guides for Installation * SetupWizardSpecs Making Initial Installation and Configuration Simpler
* HowToupgrade Guide to Upgrading * StatusOfEDIWork EDI orders and Invoicing
* HowTobackup Guide to Backing Up and Restoring the Database * WareHouseManagementDiscussion Warehouse Management
* HowToConvert Guide to Converting a Postgres Database to MySQL * VerticalMarketFunctionality
* HowToTranslate Guide to Translating * CronJobsMaint Cron Jobs Maintenance
* BlackMagic System Administrator Utilities * BPM Business Process Management
* ListOfAbbreviationsAndExpressionsUsedByWebERP Glossary Of Abbreviations And Expressions Used By webERP * DotMatrixCharacterPrinting
* ContributingtowebERP webERP Goals and Coding Conventions * IdeasForImproving

Discussions That Took Place Before - Completed Development Work

* ManufacturingDiscussion Manufacturing
* ConfigurationOptions
* MultipleCompany Multi-Company
* SerializationFunctionalSpecifications Moving Configuration Parameters To The Database

Development Information

Note that the key document - the Manual - is contained within the webERP distribution. These documents are additional contributed works.

Data View Data Diagram by Meraj Rasool Khattak
DevelopmentEnvironmentAndTools Development Environment and Tools
PHPScripts PHP Scripts described

Program and Table Usage
* TableProgramCrossReference Table-Program Cross Reference
* ProgramTableCrossReference Program-Table Cross Reference

* SecurityDiscussedFurther Security Discussed Further
* FilesScriptsPagesAndTokensList Files/Scripts/Pages and Tokens List

Other Information and Discussions

AccountGroupsAndChartOfAccounts Discussion on Chart of Accounts and Account Groups
RecurringOrdersUsageBased Discussion on Usage Based Billing and Vertical Market Functionality
WeberpHosting Hosting Companies That Offer Pre-Installed webERP Hosting
WeberpConsultants Companies That Offer Commercial webERP Support

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The current version 3.08 was released 7th November 2007

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