GNU Gettext

Gettext is used for multi language.

Installation is in two parts:
1. The GNU gettext libraries - the rpm or .dlls need to be obtained - ( Windows *nix
2. The php extensions for gettext - the installation for this is documented in the php docs

Gettext provides a common way for many packages to do translations. It uses the locales stored on your server - the appropriate locale for the language you wish to translate must also be installed on your server.

If gettext does not work then check this:
If gettext does not work with your locale, ie 'zh_CN', just going to see if the output of command "localedef --list-archive" contains your locale('zh_CN' in this example).
If it not, try to use a exist locale or use "localedef" to create one: "localedef -f GBK -i zh_CN zh_CN" in my case.

From version 3.01 of webERP a 3rd party php class is also provided to do translations without the requirement for gettext to be installed. webERP fails over automatically to this class.
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