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===Sales Budgeting===

If anyone wishes to contribute with any development work in these areas they are most welcome!!

====Sales Budgets Entry / Modification ====

There is no user interface to enable sales budgets to be entered (or modified) for a given period. This form needs to allow entry of sales budget and possibly also the cost of sales budget for the same sales budget number by:

* sales area (territory)
* stock category
* salesperson
* sales type (price list)
* customer (billing account)
* customer branch

When entering the sales budgets the budgeted sales amount, the cost of those sales amount and the discount budgeted for on these sales should be able to be entered. Only one of the above criteria need be entered for the sales budget - ie the business may not budget down to the customer or branch level - or may budget a $ number for customers but not the stock level. The form would need to check for at least one criteria being entered. The form should probably present data entry boxes for a user specified range of periods.

These sales budgets will then be able to be reported on - against actual recorded sales in sales analysis reports.

Currently to use budgeted sales in sales analysis requires them to be imported. In practise this is probably easier than a lot of data entry but requires detailed knowledge of webERP and most users would require a data entry screen.

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