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=====Development of Flash graphs using the Open Flash Chart (ofc) library=====

The goal is to provide easy-to-use graphical charts that summarize key business metrics.

=====Libraries that we can use:=====

Open Flash chart: [[]]
SWF guages (needs improvements):

Typical charts (add more here):

Top n(10) customers
Top 10 work centers
Top 10 products
Top 10 outstanding balances
Top 10 payables
Booked order value (ordered by date)
Shipped order value (orders delivered by date)
Backlog trend Sales (qty ordered/qty delivered by date)
Past due order (amount and count)

[[ Example Code]]
2 example charts:

a) top 5 products by ordered quantity
b) top 5 customers by invoice value.

To do: filter graph based on date range.
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