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Fixed Asset Module Development Specification

A fixed asset module has been committed in the webERP svn repository for some time. However, I recently tried to use it and found:

-~ I could not add assets
-~ The accumulated depreciation journal posted to cost of the asset
-~ Assets are included in the stockmaster and in many places are visible as stock??
-~ The asset register does not show assets added
-~ The depreciation rate and method are implemented as stock category properties
-~ A fixed asset (stock item) purchased in a foreign currency does not come through at the correct local cost.

On investigation of some of the scripts it seems that this fixed asset register is implemented as a hack on the stock scripts. The scripts have not even been modified to use sensible variable names and the assets are treated as normal stock items belonging to a stock category that is of a Fixed Asset type. I have started reworking the scripts to use sensible variable names that more logically fit what is happening.

In some respects I can see the logic of doing this, but the accountant in me cannot accept the mixing of fixed assets and stock in this way. I would prefer to have separate tables for assets rather than further complicate every stock script. The KISS principle has been ignored in this implementation of fixed assets and it does not work and appears to be abandoned.

When assets are sold they can be transferred from fixed assets to stock items and when manufactured items are capitalised as fixed assets, stock items can be transferred to fixed assets. Are there any other drivers for having fixed assets included inside the stockmaster that I am not seeing??

When fixed assets are purchased they will be posted through supplier invoice entry and I propose that another option similar to GRN, shipment and contracts be created that allow fixed assets to be created at the time of purchase invoice entry.

I think this can be simplified and distilled into a much simpler and working system.
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