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webERP Administration and Project Management

webERP is currently administered by Phil Daintree and Tim Schofield. We really could do with some help though and looking for others with skills in any of the following functions:

*Web-Site Maintenance
*Marketing - we do none currently!
*Writing Documentation
*Answering Support Queries
*Testing and debugging

We, as with most open source developers, are both voluntary and offer our services on the clear understanding that we are not responsible for your installation and that the software is offered and used without warranty etc as per the GPL version 2.

Suggestions for improvement are certainly encouraged but most of all we welcome development work done in accordance with the development guidelines against the latest CVS code. Bringing development work in that was made against older code is more difficult and if you wish to be in a position to use later versions of webERP with the new functionality made available with each release it pays to be pro-active in donating the development work you've done back to the project.

Development Philosophy - Road Map

Note this is a personal statement of Phil Daintree's and not necessarily the view of Tim Schofield the other project admin of webERP
> All those involved with webERP are involved for their own purposes be they altruistic or most likely for the commercial advantage afforded by the software.
>My aim is to maximise the benefits to businesses using the system.
>The advantage afforded is proportional to the functionality provided in the software and each of us has an interest in developing functionality specific to our own requirements.
>There is no doubt, some enterprises consider that donating that development back to the project reduces the commercial advantage they now enjoy, as their competitors will also have access to the functionality they developed.
>Although I would like development work (done in accordance with the ContributingtowebERP coding conventions) given back to the project I understand and accept that there is not a legal requirement unless it is being redistributed.
>This is a shame since the following that webERP could gather if businesses were to truly get behind the spirit of the project and the additional functionality that would then accrue to their business is foregone by themselves and the rest of the webERP community. The community grows but slower than it would otherwise if there were more support for the philosophy of creating something much bigger than we could each develop on our own.

>I conclude that the development work that does get undertaken and given back then is predominantly from those with more altruistic motives.

>I now develop functionality that businesses are prepared to sponsor on the understanding that it goes into the project in return for my charging a reduced fee. This is a win-win, since :

*I get to develop software which I enjoy doing (I am not allowed to spend too much time on webERP these days since I have a family and my wife expects there to be a return for the work I do!)
*webERP gets the additional functionality and the value proposition increases for the whole community
*The sponsoring business gets discounted development work

I am not able to publish a road-map for my development because different roads get taken depending on what developments businesses wish to sponsor. If you have a road-map for development you require and are prepared to sponsor - then please do let me know. I am not sure how Tim's development agenda works.
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