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webERP Administration and Project Management

webERP is currently administered by Phil Daintree and Tim Schofield. We really could do with some help though and looking for others with skills in any of the following functions:
Web-Site Maintenance
Marketing - we do none currently!
Writing Documentation
Answering Support Queries
Testing and debugging

We, as with most open source developers, are both voluntary and offer our services on the clear understanding that we are not responsible for your installation and that the software is offered and used without warranty etc as per the GPL version 2.

Suggestions for improvement are certainly encouraged but most of all we welcome development work done in accordance with the development guidelines against the latest CVS code. Bringing development work in that was made against older code is more difficult and if you wish to be in a position to use later versions of webERP with the new functionality made available with each release it pays to be pro-active in donating the development work you've done back to the project.

Mailing List Etiquette

There are all sorts of people involved with webERP and we embrace this diversity. We don't have too many problems on our list discussions these days, polite and cordial exchanges with good humour get the best responses.
Confrontation, egotistical oneupmanship and diatribes about how good or bad you or anyone else is should be avoided and belongs on any other mailing list or off list altogether.
Email can be a little impersonal and whilst the information published on the list is very public we do encourage the use of first names at least in list communications.
Commercial arrangements with other list members should be kept off list. Advertising of services should be limited to web-site information at the end of emails.

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