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Cron Jobs Maintenance - Development Whiteboard

This is a whiteboard to discuss development of a utility to maintain scheduled actions for webERP.

The utility would store a series of actions in webERP, and an OS cron-job would call the utility once per day. If an action was due, it would perform the action automatically.

# |#
|Module |Name |GL Account|Amount|Frequency|last run|next run|action|action
Receivables|Bobs Widgets |123456789|$500|weekly|12/1/06|19/1/06|edit|delete
Payables|Joe Contractor |1233434789|$1500|monthly|23/1/06|23/2/06|edit|delete

# |#
|Module |Payables
Name |Joe Contractor
GL Account |1233434789
Amount |$1500
Frequency |monthly
First Action |23/1/06
Submit |Cancel

The utility is proposed to include:

Title: Automate entry of payment to suppliers

Description: In the case where a supplier is paid a set amount each month, and a matching invoice is received each month.

Title: Automate entry of GL payments.

Description: In the case where a payment is made each month, without an invoice. Such as salary payments.

<steve> I envision splitting up the Configuration Settings eventually into sectional tabs as it has grown to be very long. I'm thinking a tab within that area would be an appropriate place to house such functionality. CPanel has a facility for creating and scheduling cron jobs. It may be a handy reference for what is needed.

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