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My name is Carole McMillan and I am resident in the UK. I am a skilled software developer with over 15 years experience of working with business systems (including accounts) and databases (namely INGRES, Oracle and MySQL).

I am the founder member of The Websoft Partnership Limited. The partnership has been created to promote WebERP to the business community in the UK.

We are currently seeking support from universities, government agencies and commercial enterprises.
We aim to secure sufficient funding to enable us to:
Build a website to host webERP
Create a support centre for webERP
Promote webERP as a quality online tool for UK businesses.

We are currently working on building arelationship with webERP which will establish The Websoft Partnership as a major contributor to the webERP project.

I can be contacted by email:

Telephone: 0 (0 44) 1524 412899
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