Adding New Pages To The Wiki

You must Login to the Wiki ( before you can add (or edit) pages. You can register on the UserSettings page (be careful to use correct capitalization of the given invitation string).

Adding new pages to the Wiki may not be obvious. Here are two ways.

The trick is to create the link to the new page first, then click the link to be prompted to add the page....

Double click on the page where you wish to add the link - this goes into edit the page. Type in link enclosed by two square brackets like this:
Go here to see the [[ShortTermRoadmap short term roadmap]]

Save (click on Store) the edited page with the link to the new page on it.
In the saved wiki page, this link will look like:

Go here to see the ShortTermRoadmap short term roadmap

The new link will appear with dashed lines underneath it if it has yet to be created - ie the linked page does not currently exist. When the link is clicked you are then presented with the editing screen to create the new page.

So, you create page link first and then go to those links to create the page - easy when you know how!

Method 2 - Browse to the page you want to create

In the address bar of your browser, type the URL of the page you want to create. For example, You will be told the page doesn't exist and given a link to create the page - just click the link and start writing!

You may want to add a link to your new page on other relevent pages so others can easily find your new page.

Deleting a page

To delete a page, append "/delete" to the URL of the page you want to delete, e.g.
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