Accountgroups and chart of accounts

Account Groups and Sub-Account Groups and Sub-Sub Account Groups .....

Since webERP 3.06 I made it so that account groups could have sub-account groups. The trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet reports all use the structure of account groups to sort the accounts to show and produce sub-totals for each account group. Traditionally computer based general ledgers required that the chart of accounts be strictly defined with blocks of numbers reserved for a specific cost centre eg.

1000000 Sales
1100000 Sales UK
1110000 Sales UK - Scotland
1111000 Sales UK - Scotland Penrith
1112000 Sales UK - Scotland Glasgow
1120000 Sales UK - Wales

I'm sure you get the picture

Well with webERP you can have these account any number you like and still have the groupings you like too - cake and eating as well. We have a separate field for account group and each account is flagged with the account group it belongs to.
In the example above the postings would actually only go to 1111000 Sales - UK Scotland Penrith and 1112000

these would be flagged as belonging to the UK Scotland Penrith and UK Scotland account groups (or cost centre)
The UK Scotland account group would in turn be flagged as having a parent account group Sales UK. The Sales UK account group would also be set up to have a parent account group Sales....

et voila. The stucture of the chart is therefore defined independently of the account coding convention. The beauty of this is that should an alternative structure be preferred in future then all the hard coded account codes do not need to be changed simply the mapping of the account groups.

The rest of this page is about the issues around importing a chart of accounts.

I've edited config.php to give me the sections:

Now, I'd like to edit my account groups and accounts to reflect the needs of my small service business.

Are the account codes 'hard coded' into the system? and if not, where might I look to change the order? Essentially, I'd like to renumber the chart of accounts into something like the following:
1000-1999 Assets
2000-2999 Liabilities
3000-3999 Equity
4000-4999 Income
5000-5999 Cost of Goods Sold
6000-6999 Expenses
7000-7999 Other revenue (i.e. interest & so forth)
8000-8999 Other Expenses (i.e. protection money)

So far, I've only tried making changes from the User Interface, but I am getting an error message every time I try and delete an unnecessary account:

WARNING Message Report : Cannot delete this account because chart details have been created using this account

There are 61 chart details that require this account code

Any suggestions?


The user interface was weak here. There have been improvements that now allow accounts to be deleted where there are no gltrans on them - so the comments below need to be modified to reflect these changes.

If you wish to start again with a new Chart Of Accounts and you have not started with any general ledger postings at all, then:

Using phpMyAdmin - truncate table GLTrans, then ChartDetails and then trucate table ChartMaster - then start entering the chart of accounts you wish. You will then need to ensure that GL posting is set up correctly in company preferences, for Sales GL Postings, COGS GL Postings and stock categories.

Must make the GUI more friendly to this sort of requirement. This can all be done through the GUI now.


Okay, I think I've got it... but before I go through and start ripping stuff out of the wall I want to make sure I understand you correctly.

1) delete any entries that are in the table 'GLTrans'. In this case, as I have started with a blank installation there are no entries in this table.

2) delete any entries that are in the table 'Chart Details'. Currently, there are 30 entries with the fields:
Account Code (example entry => 210000)
Period (entry for all rows => 1)
Budget (entry for all rows => 0)
Actual (entry for all rows => 0)
BFwd (entry for all rows => 0)
BFwdBudget (entry for all rows => 0)

3) delete any entries that are in the table 'Chart Master'. Currently, there are 30 entries with the fields:
Account Code
Account Name

4) Go back to the UI and set up the accounts and groups as needed.


Yes - the sequence is important. You can't delete chartdetails if GLTrans exist and cant delete chartmaster is chartdetails exist.

You will break the links to companies and SalesGLCodes and COGSGLCodes too - you may need to


yep that's right

Yeap that's correct thats what i did, to have a new installations. Afterwards i prepared a CVS file with the data i needed and insert it via phpadmin in the correct table.

The corrections (if any) can be done via GUI.

If you import the chartmaster this way then it is important to run the utility script to create chart details for all periods and account as necessary open the browser up on Z_CreateChartDetails.php - logged in as a system administrator.

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