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More Search Sales Orders Problems
08-07-2013, 07:31 PM
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More Search Sales Orders Problems
This post relates to the some of the issues in my below post. Perhaps this will shed light on what is going on.

I am running 4.10.1 on a Linux machine. If I click Sales | Sales Order Inquiry, then select a stock category then click Search Parts Now, I get a screen contain the following:

If I look that these item in the Items | Search Now selector, I see Total Qty On Hand for these items as:
FRC16 99
FRC500 89
FRC500P 81

Notice the FRC16 count is correct, the FRC500 is off exactly by a factor of 8 and the FRC500P count is off exactly by a factor of 5.

If I select most any item then select Search Outstanding Sales Orders (under Item Inquiries) and on the Outstanding Sales-Order screen select the stock category that includes the above three items, then Search Parts Now, I get the following:

Is something broken or do I have something miss-configured? This seems to be strange behaviour to me.

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