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Print Product Specification or CofA
06-30-2022, 01:22 PM,
Print Product Specification or CofA
I was experimenting with Quality Assurance module and it was working as expected.
After editing some of existing product specification, the printing product spec or printing CofA stop working for all the products, not just for one that I changed.
It will generate pdf with a header and footer with no data. But it will draw the one line per method group. html reports are not effected, only pdf generator.
I analyzed db table, compared to older one that has a good data and can't find the culprit, very strange.
I also created test env. with good and bad db, on the same webERP source and it is behave the same, good db produces expected output, and bad db does not.
How I should trace this problem, any ideas?
Thank you

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