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New GL system
12-12-2020, 02:41 AM,
New GL system
I mentioned in this thread ( that we were working on a different system for GL totals that did away with and Z_RepostGLFromPeriod.php.

As promised, I have written up a spec here ( and would appreciate any comments. We have this up and running on a test database with more than 2 million gltrans lines and 10 years worth of periods.  There is no noticeable slow down either on GL posting or on GL reports, and without it is many times faster on some functions.

I am happy to port this over, but as I have a lot of work on, and am trying to cut down, not take on more, it would need assistance from others.

12-12-2020, 10:03 AM,
RE: New GL system
That sounds like a very good improvement to me.

Much of the gltrans stuff is over my head (only for never having to work with general ledgers), but I don't mind getting the change/feature/improvement included.

I would very like create a branch for myself to undertake that effort.
12-14-2020, 02:03 AM,
RE: New GL system
Hi Paul, I have created a new branch called new_gl here ( which you can pull to your own repository to work on.

I have added the new database items, updated DB_query() to generate new entries, and done the necessary changes to the CreatePeriod() function, and to the GLAccounts.php script as per the specification mentioned above. What needs doing now is to alter the reports, and check that the reports give the correct figures. That is the area where I don't haave the time to do all the work.


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