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Work Order Costing
02-09-2020, 06:20 AM,
Work Order Costing
I am having an issue with costing on work orders with the new version upgrade I did (4.15.1).

Before (4.14.1), if I created a work order, issued material to the work order, received the work order, and the costed it. My cost of the item would change in the SelectProduct Script. However, now it changes it to 0. If there is a cost already in it, it will set it to zero. I tried older scripts and the one that seem to not be working for me is the commit on April 18, 2018. Before that, they seem to work.

I looked in the script a bit and found that that variable that seems to update the table is $NewCost. If I look on line 434, which is where it seems to be calculated, if I change the variable $TotalCostVar to $TotalUsageVar. It seems to work. I tried this, because whenever I close a work order, the "Cost Variance" Column always seems to be zero.

I have no idea if this is even remotely close to why, just what I found.

I use Weighted Costing Average in the settings.
02-09-2020, 07:19 AM,
RE: Work Order Costing
I didn't like that commit at the time, and queried it with Exson. I was told that he and Phil approved it so my I was overruled. I didn't take that commit into my companies code and it has continued to work OK.

I cannot comment further than that as I don't use that code.

Sorry for not being much help,

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