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Goods delivery and issue invoice error
09-06-2019, 12:51 AM,
Goods delivery and issue invoice error
Dear Everyone,

I got a problem error #1265 When I deliver the goods.
Step. 1- When I put the new order in "New sales order or quotation", it is ok.

Step. 2- I put the dispatch quantities in this step, click "process invoice" botton.

Then got the problem, I tried many way, but seems problem still there, please help me.

Error information:
"Database Error 1265 : CRITICAL ERROR! NOTE DOWN THIS ERROR AND SEEK ASSISTANCE: The debtor transaction taxes records could not be inserted because
Data truncated for column 'taxamount' at row 1"

"Database SQL Failure : The following SQL to insert the debtor transaction taxes record was used
INSERT INTO debtortranstaxes (debtortransid, taxauthid, taxamount) VALUES ('21', '16', 'NAN')"

"Database Rollback Due to Error Above : Rolling Back Transaction OK"

Thanks a lot

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Goods delivery and issue invoice error - by ALEXSHEN - 09-06-2019, 12:51 AM

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