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Work Orders With Multiple Items - Context?
12-03-2018, 11:18 AM
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RE: Work Orders With Multiple Items - Context?
I guess you are rolling up the BOM cost to the cost of the item.... However, it is also possible to set the standard cost of the manufactured item without reference to any BOM. The variances are calculated against the existing standard cost.... no variances with WAC as the cost is updated directly with the variances.

With reference to the sort of manufacturing webERP was built for: Smaller manufacturers up to say USD $30m
I have worked as CFO/Financial Controller/Finance Manager for
a) Menswear suits manufacturer - with detailed routings by work centre - time/motion studies etc and piece work bonuses - for 5 years - very expensive materials where great efforts went into maximising the yields for each lay - using lay-planning software integrated with CNC cutting machines.
b) Automotive Coil and leaf spring manufacture - with bar taper/peeling machine/coiling/shot-peening/powder coating/ taper rolling/assembly - 4 years - ran MRP with spring steel ex Japan with 9 month lead time and stock turnover of 12 times per annum - with deliveries 2 x per day to customers morning and lunchtime.
c) Plastic injection moulding and extrusion - making plumbing pipe fittings, waste traps, toilet cisterns. Also, brass forging, copper fittings with plastic encapsulation, brass turning plumbing fittings with CNC and old cam automatic lathes - for 9 years. We ran full MRP and capacity planning by machine - as dies would only go in certain machines with stock turnover of 6 times per annum by the end of my tenure - it was just 2 times per annum when I kicked off! Unfortunately, die set up time was too long and so large quantities were required to be run - which led to stock holdings more than would have been ideal. More effort was really needed to get die changes done quicker.
d) a custom design and metal jobbing shop making industrial fans, pneumatic conveying plant and lumber drying kilns - for 5 years

I have seen a number of ways the cat has been skinned and tried to apply what I thought best to webERP. No doubt there are better ways - but hopefully the rudiments are there to build on.

Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd
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