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Work Orders With Multiple Items - Context?
11-30-2018, 09:54 PM (This post was last modified: 11-30-2018 10:38 PM by VortecCPI.)
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RE: Work Orders With Multiple Items - Not Working
Tim... Sorry about not getting back to you sooner...

I believe expanding the StockMoves narrative as you stated gives us what we need and now that you have provided that insight I can do that myself if you do not have time. Your Issue script gives us the visibility we need as to what material issues belong to what WO line item. I am experimenting with one small change to the SQL in your script to filter out even more data:

PHP Code:
                        WHERE woitems.wo ='" . $_POST['WO'] . "'", 

PHP Code:
                        WHERE woitems.wo ='" . $_POST['WO'] . "'
AND woitems.stockid='" . $_POST['StockID'] . "'", 

It might be nice to give the user the option to see all WO items or just the WO item in context of the selected StockId.

I believe all we need to do now is add the same logic to WorkOrderStatus (i.e., "Parent Item" column).

FYI here is what I have been tasked to do and what I now have working...

When a M product is made the WC setup cost is to be absorbed into the product value from WIP and the product Overhead std cost value is to be updated with the cost-per-item value. As we adjust WO setup values and make product the current product Overhead std cost value is to be updated. When viewing a costed BoM the overhead std cost is automatically adjusted to match WC setup cost for the last production run. Margin is always up to date with last run. Make sense?

On receipt of first item(s):

CR WC setup cost @ WC Recovery Account
DR WC setup cost @ WIP
Update part overhead cost if WC setup cost changed
Update inventory value if WC setup cost changed (Script already reconciles this change to standing stock value)

On receipt of remaining item(s):

CR WC setup cost-per-part @ WIP
DR WC setup cost-per-part @ Stock Account

So inventory value goes up by absorbing WC setup cost and the per-piece cost goes back to part std cost overhead. WC setup cost is shown in COGS WC recovery account. In this particular context partial receipts will never happen. Again, if a WC setup is changed in the Work Centres script the next time product is made the overhead std cost is adjusted to suit. This extra work also fixes the missing overhead issue which causes inventory value mismatch.

This is obviously a very specialized implementation and it also takes into account capacity defined at the WC so we know how many setups are required.


You accounting geniuses could likely add a lot of insight to this...
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