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Upgrade to 4.15 from 4.14.1
05-31-2018, 12:19 PM
Post: #11
RE: Upgrade to 4.15 from 4.14.1
Having Exson's two 'undo' changes plus what you gave me for the FKC, the reinstall that I ran having both of those changes applied was ok here.

The only portion of apmuthu's change that wasn't clear to me was this part, as those are 2 different hidden input names, so why one needs to be 0? This was the one reverted change that I was referencing. I'll have to trek back through to check the usage.

I'm not clear on the other uncommented block that Exson committed between lines 1132 and 1160? I'll dig into that more as I have more time to "study" the difference.
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