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Exchange Rate Set-up
05-15-2018, 10:27 PM,
Exchange Rate Set-up
New to WebERP so I may be misreading what I see, looking for clarification on how WebERP handles multi-currency. Manual section for currency set-up says the exchange rate in the currencies table is the "number of the local currency that can be purchased with one of this currency". My local currency is Canadian Dollar and we often sell using USA dollar, for my set-up of USD I set the rate to be 1.28. I can get 1.28 CAD for each USD. However, printcusttrans.php seems to be expecting the inverse value. I believe the price in the table stockmoves is to be in the local functional currency. So a stock move for a sale that was at 1 USD should be in this table with a price value of 1.28. printcusttrans.php in redisplaying the invoice multiplies the price from stockmoves by the rate thus displaying the original 1 USD sale as 1.64 USD. Should the exchange rate in the currency table be 0.78125 (and also on debtortrans rows)? That is, should the manual state "number of this currency that can be purchased with one of the local currency"? Trying to import recent history of invoices from our existing system which is how I came across this after I loaded stockmoves with the CAD price equivalent for some USD sales.
05-16-2018, 03:56 PM,
RE: Exchange Rate Set-up
it looks like the helpful comment in the currencies table is not so helpful after all!!
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd

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