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Internal Stock Request - Many Issues
02-12-2018, 11:19 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-12-2018, 11:33 PM by VortecCPI.)
RE: Internal Stock Request - Many Issues
(02-12-2018, 07:19 AM)TurboPT Wrote: I didn't mean to imply anything bad there, only a minor point. I doubt that will have any impact on the prev/next matter anyway. I was surprised to know the sorting worked with that placement.

It was in no way meant to be "dig", so I apologize if it may have come across that way.

I never took it that way so no worries!
On this in just a bit and i can not thank you enough for the ultra-fast turnaround!!!
(02-12-2018, 08:04 AM)falkoner Wrote: Well I think you have hit the nail on the head Paul, who wants to do the boring simple stuff when there are interesting features to code Smile

Actually Paul and I have been discussing some of these more mundane tasks recently with a hope of picking some of the low hanging fruit.



Oh yes. With ECi M1 ERP it was similar. We gave little time to testing Time Card entry because what could possibly go wrong? Well... AFTER Go-Live... It ALL went wrong and did not work as advertised in the ETO/MTO job shop environment. So many bugs I had to basically create a whole new data handling mechanism under the UI via VBScript. They had obviously NEVER worked in such an environment.

And... The GL COA and COGS pieces are only so-so and barely adequate. Though it has MRP piece it also does not work as advertised. I told the Procurement Manager about how and what webERP does and he about fell out of his chair.

So... I am thrilled the heart and soul of webERP is in tact and reliable.


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