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Internal Stock Request - Many Issues
02-12-2018, 09:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-12-2018, 05:46 PM by TurboPT.)
RE: Internal Stock Request - Many Issues
(02-10-2018, 11:14 PM)VortecCPI Wrote: InternalStockRequest.php

Ignores the User-based DisplayRecordsMax value.

For this aspect, the LIMIT clause should change from this:
PHP Code:
$SQL $SQL ' LIMIT ' $_SESSION['DefaultDisplayRecordsMax'] . ' OFFSET ' . ($_SESSION['DefaultDisplayRecordsMax']*$Offset); this:
PHP Code:
$SQL $SQL ' LIMIT ' $_SESSION['DisplayRecordsMax'] . ' OFFSET ' . ($_SESSION['DisplayRecordsMax']*$Offset); 


To get the Previous/Next working:

Change this:
PHP Code:
if (!isset($_POST['StockCat'])) {
$_POST['StockCat'] = ''; this:
PHP Code:
if (!isset($_POST['StockCat'])) {
$_POST['StockCat'] = 'All';

I made a few other minor changes to expand the 'Prev' button text to 'Previous' (as other areas have), but don't worry about these for now, as there are other minor changes needed to support the text change.


Curiously, I discovered that the code block from lines 518-609 are NOT used, so that will be some good clean-up to this file.

I'll try to get all these things committed tonight, but might not be until tomorrow. (there are other changes/improvements not covered above)


(whenever you have the chance...)
Before I commit, can you please try the attached file? (as usual, keep a backup of your current copy!)
That copy has all the changes mentioned above, and more!

At two places in the file (lines 590 and 615), I have two conditions: if(0). The 'else' clause to both of these conditions use functions that are used at the SelectOrderItems area for on-PO and on-WO counts.

Please see if the totals appear to be ok with those functions, because if so, I can eliminate the code within the if(0) blocks.
If you need to cross-check the non-function call difference, simply change either if(0) to if(1).

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