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Internal Stock Request - Many Issues
02-12-2018, 03:33 AM,
RE: Internal Stock Request - Many Issues

100% agreed on MRP piece. It is an amazing feature and we are all very lucky to have it included within webERP.

Again, I realize how easy it is to be a critic but I am doing so with the very best of intentions. I truly wish I was more proficient with PHP and had a lot of knowledge with respect to webERP but I have neither. If I did I would not have to bother the rest of you and I would simply provide the community with good working revisions to the code as the rest of you do. This is a part of my frustration as well -- I WANT to help A LOT but I can only help A LITTLE. I have authored some highly-complicated software solutions (CFD, FEA, AISC, ASME, Engineering, BoM Generation, Solid Model Generation, etc.) so I am no stranger to heavy-duty data, math, and logic but I am very weak with HTML and only a novice with PHP. I am getting better and better but I have several business to keep running and supporting so time for learning is scarce.

Again I want to say "Thank You" to all of you who put up with my nit-picky critiques but I especially want to to say "Thank You" for sharing webERP.


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