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Invoice issue stock price is zero 0
01-29-2018, 05:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-29-2018, 07:28 AM by srdjanm.)
Invoice issue stock price is zero 0
After upgrade from 4.07 to 4.14.1 I'm getting price 0 in the Invoice for a stock item.
In the "Confirm Dispatch and Invoice" screen, all the fields have correct values.
- in stockmoves there is no entry yet.
- click on "Process Invoice"
- After invoice is created "Confirm Dispatch and Invoice" screen is correct
- in stockmoves there are two entries ( Assembly component ) and the price is 0??
In the Invoice :
Unit Price is 0 !!!!
Quantity is correct
Extended Price is 0
SubTotal is correct
Tax is correct
Total Invoice is correct
Important note: Not every stock item is impacted!!
I analyzed the difference for the stock items and can't figure out why this is happening.
I just realized that the customer is not home currency customer and that in "Currencies Maintenance" all not-home currencies are all 0.
In "System Parametes"->"Auto Update Exchange Rates Daily:" is set to Auto, and it reset all the currencies to 0. I guess, "Auto" didn't work
I'm setting this to "Manually" and will update the currencies.
Fixing exchange rate fixed the issue with the Invoice!!
I think that in "System Parametes"->"Auto Update Exchange Rates Daily:" when set to Auto, and it is failing for some reasons ( bad url or the currency website doesn't respond) it should keep the current value of the currencies.


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