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Lot numbers not printed in landscape
02-03-2018, 09:18 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-06-2018, 03:32 PM by TurboPT.)
RE: Lot numbers not printed in landscape
Shortly, I will be committing 4 files (PrintCustTrans.php, PrintCustTransPortrait.php, and the include headers for each) after doing some final comparisons and basic tests.

Here's a change summary:
  1. Add missing lot/serial stock info to landscape output. (the report that started this thread by HDeriauFF)
  2. Add Due Date info for invoices. (Paul Becker) This information appears with both PDF and non-PDF output. For PDFs, this date appears in the header. For preview, this appears to the right of the logo.
  3. Only show payment terms and due date with invoices.
  4. Add 'Print Preview' button to the landscape file
  5. Fix salesman security check in the landscape file. [Applied similar handling as found in SelectOrderItems.php using custbranch.salesman]
  6. Apply salesman and company login security checks to the portrait file, so that both files have the same handling. Know that these checks protect both preview and PDF views.
  7. In both non-header landscape/portrait files:
    • Replace PDF initialization handling by using the PDFStarter file.
    • Added a required attribute to the 'Start invoice/credit note number' input field. Without this, nothing happens after clicking either print button, and there is no message.
  8. Portrait PDF header:
    • improve the layout such that the 'Sold To', 'Deliver To' headings and the address information align horizontally.
    • Eliminate some redundant calculation handling. Some of these changes helped improve PDF handling outside the header too.
  9. Landscape PDF header: page number moves to the top right of the page to match the same position as the portrait PDF. Where the page number previously appeared is replaced by the new due date output.
  10. Landscape file, bottom right corner: the shipping amount position was vertically adjusted to be more horizontally aligned with the 'Shipping' label to the left.
Overall, these changes have also helped to "generally align" the two files to be nearly the same, and are easier to diff.

At some future point, it could be possible to "merge" these two files into one as the primary difference is the PDF orientation and associated calculations, as Tim mentioned in post #5.

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