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Picking List: only the first item of an order is printed
01-17-2018, 02:47 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-17-2018, 03:04 PM by TurboPT.)
RE: Picking List: only the first item of an order is printed
Tim, ( I noted that you fixed the link references to the old PDFPickingList.php at your repo Smile )

I'm going to have to back-track on some of those scripts from the zip. (if not cross-check them all)

Although item 2 in my previous post is OK, but then there was trouble with an order having more than 1 line item:
  1. When generating the pick entries, I was getting an error after the first entry when the script was inserting the pick details. After about 40 minutes or so debugging, there was a variable storing a SELECT query result getting clobbered by an INSERT query result to the same variable name. After checking that reference at your repository, that issue was already fixed.
  2. Then after I fixed that matter, after the picklist PDF generated, an order where I have 31 items printed on 30 pages!!? (basically 1 line item per page, with some other minor artifacts) This seems to be a similar problem that HDeriauFF originally reported as the first post of this thread.
After checking your repository history of the GeneratePickingList.php, there were fixes applied to this file (and some of the other related scripts as well) back in Oct, 2014 by agaluski. So the zip file must have been from a time before those updates?

Anyway, I locally applied some of the PDF handling from the Generate script, and THEN the 30 page PDF reduced back to 3 pages, having about 13 line items on the first two and the remainder on the last.

SO, there will be a little more delay on this matter, for I'll have to retrieve each script file in the zip from Tim's repo, and then diff the files that already exist to "manually merge" any updates to match current web-erp code changes since 2014. Even files that do not currently exist have to be checked for certain code changes from the past too.

Know that on the surface, this does not appear to be too big a deal for keeping changes specific to the picklist handling, but will unfortunately take time for the comparing/merging/updates, and re-tests. Looking at some of the lines that I originally updated a few files from the zip do not appear to be present in the other repo files, so this effort might be eased, somewhat. (there are about 25 files in the zip)

I'm glad that I did not "blindly commit" any of those changes, for it would have been a BIG mess! Tongue

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