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Picking List: only the first item of an order is printed
01-16-2018, 01:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-16-2018, 03:08 PM by TurboPT.)
RE: Picking List: only the first item of an order is printed
You could be right about the PDFPickingLists.php file "needing to go"...

It appears that the GeneratePickingList.php file has virtually similar handling (similar queries, etc), so the link mentioned in previous posts should most likely point to this file instead?

The PDFPickingList.php file refers to the original pickinglists and pickinglistdetails tables, in both of our copies, which is likely NOT desired given Andrew's new[er] tables and scripts for this area, correct?


Where I stand now:
  1. I did a basic trial run with the 'Generate' script against the one order (with one stock item) that I have in my system at the moment. At first I thought the PDF output appeared to be 'whacked', and might require some 'tweaking', but then I realized that I had not copied the updated PickList.xml file. A quick recheck of the PDF output was OK. (whew!)
  2. I'll be populating the two old tables with some data so that I can test the two migration queries that I've created. If this goes well, then I believe that all this handling will be ready for a trial run. [Of course, this implies that any other supporting scripts are ready as well]

After a brief migration test, it appears that I do not need to migrate column pickinglistdetails.pickinglistlineno:

table pickreqdetails (
detailno int not null auto_increment, -> pickinglistdetails.pickinglistlineno detailno is an auto_increment in the new table. The 'pickinglistlineno' was populated with a variable value with INSERTs to the old pickinglistdetails table in the PDFPickingLists.php file.

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