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No Check Number in GL Trans Table?
12-13-2017, 07:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-13-2017, 07:18 AM by VortecCPI.)
No Check Number in GL Trans Table?
Vendors > Enter a Payment to, or Receipt from the Vendor


When using a Check Number it never gets written to the gltrans table. I can see on line 375 and line 385 it is included in the SQL string but the DB transaction does not appear to write it correctly.

Apparently Check Numbers are only written for Type=1 Bank Transactions? Is this correct?

I tried a very simple Payment Entry and the Check Number was not written even though it is a Type=1 Bank Transaction.

Before I dig deeper into this surely somebody else has had the same questions I have, right?

Are you all losing your Check Numbers in the gltrans table?

Looking at the demo data there is not a single Check Number in the gltrans table there either.

i realize we should probably be using the Reference field but since there is code and a field just for Check Number i can only assume something has gone sideways here.
12-13-2017, 08:58 AM,
RE: No Check Number in GL Trans Table?
If the cheque number is entered in the top section of the payments screen it is put in the banktrans table which is probably the the correct place, though it can go into the gltrans table as well. The Cheque/Voucher number entered in the bottom part of the screen does go to the gltrans table but against the expense code not the bank account code (you might have multiple voucher numbers for one payment).

12-13-2017, 09:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-13-2017, 09:23 AM by VortecCPI.)
RE: No Check Number in GL Trans Table?
i do not have chequeno in my banktrans table.


Is this something new in the coming release?
12-13-2017, 06:32 PM,
RE: No Check Number in GL Trans Table?
Ah yes, you are right Paul I hadn't noticed that.

01-08-2018, 07:37 AM,
RE: No Check Number in GL Trans Table?
Yes, the chequeno field is contained in files for the next release.

Another user here in the forums has stepped ahead of the current version and also discovered the same missing field, but in another table.

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