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Missing Address Data on Invoice PDF
01-09-2018, 08:19 AM,
RE: Missing Address Data on Invoice PDF
Addresses are a very country specific thing, and even within a country address formats are not always consistent. For instance in the UK I live in a town (Didsbury) that is within a city (Manchester) and frequently one or the other gets left out of the address, but any communications still reach me. The only field that is really important is the Post code (Zip Code) and that should always have it's own field. Other than that it is possible in the UK to have 4, 5, or 6 line addresses. In East Africa the concept of postal addresses as we understand them doesn't really exist. The best that you find is a town/PO box combination. Many times I have been training people to use webERP and when they get to the address fields they look blank.

So, my preference would be to have it as free form as possible. That means in PDF reports ignoring blank lines so the address

Line 1 - 123 My Road,
Line 2 - My Town,
Line 3 - My County,
Line 4 -
Line 5 -
Line 6 - M5 1TH

is printed out as:
123 My Road,
My town,
My County,
M5 1TH

Does any of that make sense?


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