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DB Maintenance at Logon taking too long
02-07-2013, 10:33 AM,
DB Maintenance at Logon taking too long
Hi all:

We are facing a increase of time needed to perform the DB maintenance at logon and it is becoming annoying as (as example) today it took 18 minutes to finish Angry when used to be 2-5 minutes some weeks ago.

DB is hosted in a shared server at Hostgator. All other DB are working fine, time is OK, checked with Hostgator and seems like server side is 100% ok.
DB size (when backing up) is around 675 Mb.
DB Maintenance set to weekly.
webERP version running 4.09.1.
Via PhpMyAdmin it takes only 4,5 minutes to copy the whole DB into a new one.

Some questions:
1) The DB maintenance routine, has it been changed, improved, modified lately (last few months)?
2) Is there any trick to make it faster?
3) Is it a "must do" maintenance? Does it really improve efficiency of the database?
Pak Ricard

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DB Maintenance at Logon taking too long - by PakRicard - 02-07-2013, 10:33 AM

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