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[SOLVED] Bug in foreign currency bank accounts
12-12-2012, 11:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-04-2013, 04:28 PM by PakRicard.)
[SOLVED] Bug in foreign currency bank accounts

Probably related to we just discovered a bug related to foreign bank account currency conversion:

Home currency in IDR
Bank account in USD

1) As can be seen in Captura01.jpg the balance at USD bank account is 1644.06 USD at the moment
2) At the very same moment 1 USD = 9667,44 IDR or 1 IDR = 0.00010344 USD as Captura02.jpg
3) So we all agree that at the bank we have 1644.06 USD = 15.893.851 IDR

Time goes (NO transactions against this bank account) and we update the exchange rate

4) As Captura03.jpg, now 1 USD = 9726,68 IDR or 1 IDR = 0.00010281 USD

5) If we check the USD bank account now, we have only 1634,05 USD as Captura04.jpg. WRONG!

It is wrong because at the bank we still have 1644,06 USD, only that due to exchange variation it is worth less in home currency.

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Pak Ricard
12-12-2012, 12:25 PM,
RE: Bug in foreign currency bank accounts
richard, ah ha, appreciate you looked into this. Ah ha, yes it is linked issue.
06-04-2013, 04:25 PM,
RE: Bug in foreign currency bank accounts
Fixed and commited :-)
Pak Ricard

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