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GeoIntegration for Google Maps
07-19-2017, 08:08 AM
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RE: GeoIntegration for Google Maps
(07-13-2017 09:07 AM)falkoner Wrote:  When you say you have increased the timeout do you mean max_execution_time ? I wonder if it is worth changing the code so that it only ran the setup where the lat and lng fields are empty?

The only issue I have with showing the maps is in the SelectSupplier.php script where no map is shown when you first enter the script and no supplier has so far been selected in this session. This is caused by the $_SESSION['SupplierID'] not being set when the javascript function is out put. So lines 70-79 in the latest script need to be moved to before line 19.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the help I got delayed on working on this.
For the timeout issue i got that fixed by editing the web,config file and adding
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="180" />
This helped for the most part but I changed the code to run by a range of customers and vendors as google has a limit on there end.
I have the maps working for the customers and vendors but now the issue is when i add or update a customer or vendor I get the error

WARNING Message Report : Google map url not loading
Geocode Notice: Address: 1780 BEIDER, , MUSKEGON, MI failed to geocodeReceived status

ALso the geo_displaymap_customers.php and geo_displaymap_suppliers.php will not work have not had a lot of time to look at the code, this part is not as important to get working I attached an image of the pages.

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