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[Solved] Various differences in P/L and Balance Sheet - Please help...
05-12-2017, 10:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-12-2017, 11:30 PM by donnell_512.)
[Solved] Various differences in P/L and Balance Sheet - Please help...
Hi all,
I just noted that P/L and Balance Sheet show unexpected disagreements.
I currently use webERP version 4.13.1, but have on occasions upgraded as new releases became available.

In particular with reference to the period Jan-Dec 2016:

Net result for 2016:
Profit and Loss Period Actual: 6,857.43
Balance Sheet Retained Earnings: 6,115.43 (net for the year)
Trial Balance Retained Earnings: 2,685.19

Check Balances:
Balance Sheet: 4,356.25
Trial Balance: -3,061.50

In other words, there are a series of apparently erratic differences I cannot reconcile.

I tried to run
• Re-calculate brought forward amounts in GL
• Re-Post all GL transactions from a specified period
but differences did not disappear.

Also running
did not show any exception.

Please note that my base currency is Swiss Franc, but I have some accounts and transactions also in Euro.

Please, can anybody help in resolving this messy situation?


I discovered what the issue was!!!
I was not authorized to access some G/L account, an issue become apparent with the latest release.

Fixed by running General Ledger - Maintenance option:
• User Authorised GL Accounts

All solved...

I wished there was some sort of warning befor generating P/L, B/S or Trial Balance.


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