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Restoring old database
10-13-2012, 09:45 PM,
Restoring old database
Good day

As I haven't used webERP since April 2008 (version 3.08), I deleted it from my PC after backing up the webERP company database and htdocs.

I am now keen to use it again by creating a new company in version 4.09 on a different PC.

I have installed XAMPP on this new PC and would now like to use the information from the backed up database (v 3.08) in version 4.09.

I have read the installation instructions in install.text:

"As from version 4.01 an automated database upgrade mechanism has been built in. Just copy the extract the scripts and copy:
1. config.php file from your old installation and
2. webERP/companies directory into the new webERP directory structure
Open up the webERP/index.php and the system will identify any database changes required. If the system is unable to indentify the database changes required - if the old system was a version prior to 4.01 then it will prompt you to select the old version you were using. The necessary database changes will then be applied automatically."

Given my limited technical skills in these matters, I am not sure how to proceed given that I just have the backed up files and database from my previous webERP installation.

I'd be very grateful for any advice.

Thank you very much
10-14-2012, 01:11 AM,
RE: Restoring old database
Hi Tim

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

I'm not getting it right so will try again during the week.


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