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forever config.php
09-23-2012, 10:49 PM,
forever config.php
hi please help with this issue.
I am receiving the error that a config.php file exits and the installation stops there.

here is my setup
easyphp 5.4.5
weberp 4.08.5
windows server 2003 (fully patched) no IIS in a VM virtualbox.

I have tried this about 10 times checking different things always the same answer.

I launch a browser (chrome) and IE to localhost and get the weberp install/setup page fill in the form with basic information and to create the table email so on.

I click install WEBERP and receivethe error that there is a config.php populated. so I search the directory and sure enough there it is. i delete it. rerun the install and get the same error.

what is up with that I only want to test this and compare to other open source community projects. If i cant then I will have to move on to to others.


John Harrel

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