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Posting Cost to Credit Item
10-18-2016, 04:37 AM,
Posting Cost to Credit Item
I have a situation where we want to credit items and have the ability for the user to post the cost for the item.
I have modified SelectCreditIems.php with lines added at
Line 689 for the heading
<th>' . _('Cost') . '</th>
Line 733
<td><input type="text" class="number" name="Cost_' . $LineItem->LineNumber . '" size="10" maxlength="12" value="' . locale_number_format($LineItem->StandardCost,$_SESSION['CreditItems'.$identifier]->CurrDecimalPlaces) . '" /></td>

To impute the value it grabs a price for the item if I add a price to the item itself, which most likely won't as there is no purchase price the user is determine the value.
The problem is it will not post the impute value but it will post if the item has a cost in the system.
Anyone have any suggestions I know this is unusual but they want to be able to do this.
Version 4.12.3

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