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GoodsRecieved gl not balancing with dummy item
08-19-2016, 07:39 PM,
GoodsRecieved gl not balancing with dummy item
I've just come across a serious issue with the gl not balancing after booking in goods. It appears the issue only occurs under the following circumstances.
1. There must be multiple items on the purchase order
2. One of the items must be a dummy item and it must preceed at least one other stock item.
3. The unit cost of the items following the dummy item must be different to their standard value.
4. The goods must all be booked in at the same time (I.e. under the same GRN)
Hm, it seems the problem is that $Dummy is being set when the dummy item gets processed, then it is being carried forward into all other iterations of the loop. A simple solution would be to insert a unset($Dummy) at the beginning or end of the loop to ensure that it doesn't play havoc with further iterations.

Edit: Oops, forgot to mention, this is in GoodsReceived.php

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