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assembly components gl posting missing
04-20-2016, 11:59 PM,
assembly components gl posting missing
We have a client using Assemblies.
It depletes the inventory and posts to stockmoves all fine.
When it posts to gltrans, sales and taxes and A/R are posted correctly.
The cogs and inventory uses the cogsglpostings for the assembly and the inventory from the stockcategory for the assembly correcty (this is the sum of the costs from the components).

The problem comes in with the components of the assembly.
There is no gl postings for them. The components use a stock category different from the assembly. Should there not be a gl posting to credit the component inventory and then debit the assembly inventory?

I know if the Parent Item type is manufactured it will credit component inventory and debit work in process. When the Parent is received it will credit work in process and debit inventory for the parent.

We are using webERP version 4.12.3



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