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WebERP Roadmap / Release plan
07-06-2015, 07:24 PM,
WebERP Roadmap / Release plan
Is there any roadmap/ release plan of WebERP ?
if yes, where I can find it

If not I hope WebERP have it

Thank you
07-07-2015, 11:35 AM,
RE: WebERP Roadmap / Release plan
No roadmap - the system is already highly functional and we go in the direction that developers wish to take us.
Ideally developers publish their stated direction on the developers mailing list.
I don't believe there is a lot of development going on at the moment.
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd
07-09-2015, 01:14 PM,
RE: WebERP Roadmap / Release plan
Thanks Phil.
is that mean that we will not see major changes on weberp in future ?

Maybe we can learn from some comparison and review such as
and others
and make weberp more better
just my 2c


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