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Work Order Costing
05-19-2015, 10:43 PM,
Work Order Costing
After WO entry in "Work Order Costing" the required quantities and costs of the auto issued components are all at zero ("Qty Reqd" and "Cost Reqd").
They are valued only after a partial or total reception of the WO.
05-19-2015, 10:57 PM,
RE: Work Order Costing
Please read the manual first before you have a question.
The problem should be that you've made the bom components all auto issued.
Best regards!

05-20-2015, 02:00 AM,
RE: Work Order Costing
Why the auto issued components have not to be considered in Cost Required ????
05-20-2015, 09:22 PM,
RE: Work Order Costing
(05-20-2015, 02:00 AM)giusba71 Wrote: Why the auto issued components have not to be considered in Cost Required ????

I have actually wondered about exactly the same.
I can't see there should be any reason to difference between auto-issued and manual issued items.

Exsonqu_Qu, can you please point out exactly why there should be a difference between those two?
Yes, i have read the manual, but it is not clear what the basic reason is.

Words used in the manual is "not recommended", "components with relatively low value", " limited possibility for any usage variance" etc.
Yes, i can see the GL difference calculation, but this will be the same if an manual issued item cost/qty changes?
05-21-2015, 01:46 AM,
RE: Work Order Costing
I don't think there is any difference between the way that auto issue and manual issues are dealt with in the costings. They both appear in the work order costing at the point that they are issued to the work order. Auto issued components don't get issued until the finished product is received, hence they don't get shown in the costings until that point. Manual issued components also don't get shown until they are issued, but they can be issued before the goods are received into stock.

Hope this clarifies it,
05-21-2015, 03:01 AM,
RE: Work Order Costing
Thanks Tim for answer
Yes i do know about this difference and i can see why there have to be similarity between those two but i can't see the point not having cost calculated at least temporarily before returning a WO.
There is no way I can see total cost of an WO where auto-issued items is involved mixed with manually issued items before returning it.
For WOs identical to a BOM I can of course use "Costed Bill Of Material Inquiry"
05-21-2015, 05:41 PM,
RE: Work Order Costing
Hi, the auto issued components should only be used when you don't expect or don't care (for instance if there is a very large number of very low value items) about a variance between the bom quantity and the used quantity. For all other cases then you should manually issue the components.

05-22-2015, 09:41 PM,
RE: Work Order Costing
Hi all,
I'm using webERP in manufacturing of electronic appliances and ALL the components have to be AUTO ISSUED.
1. because the requirement and the issue for each finished product MUST to be exacteliy as in BOM;
2. because the BOMs are made by hundreds of items and a manual issue is quite impossible!
The electronic components could cost from 0.0001 EUR to tens of EUR, so the auto issued parts can't have a cost reason.

The only use that I can see for MANUAL ISSUE is for the TIME required for assembling and testing, because could VARY in every WO.
05-22-2015, 11:08 PM,
RE: Work Order Costing
Hi, yes I hadn't thought about your no 2 when listing reasons for using auto issue. However I still think that the work order costing script is acting as it should. To get a projected cost of the work order you can do as janb suggests and use the costed bill, The work order costing is designed to show the actual costs, not the projected costs.


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