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Distribution Company and webERP
03-03-2015, 10:23 AM,
Distribution Company and webERP
I'm new to webERP and was wondering if anyone has had success using webERP for a distribution company.

One of the things that my company needs is to be able to calculate the cost of an item when it's located at various warehouses because an item would have different costs based on it's location.

Another would be to manage stock that expires. Curently, we keep track of the expiration date of our stock based on the batch/lot #s. Those numbers aren't assigned until time of invoicing, but we need those lots to be allocated at the time of entering the order, so our warehouse knows, which inventory to ship out based on expiration date.

The third problem I've encountered is giving our customer discounts, such as a discount if the customer picks up the inventory instead of us shipping it out and a discount for potentially damaged stock. I have tried making these discounts items and putting it on the customer's order, but the system won't allow me to have a negative price.

If anyone else have encountered these problems, would you mind advising me?
Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
03-03-2015, 01:19 PM,
RE: Distribution Company and webERP
Hi, Felix,

I don't think we have a feature for your first question now. Since webERP has great traceability, it seems not so hard to calculate purchasing cost via those lot no.

There is an expiration date management feature in webERP. And for lots to ship, its' a little bit complicated. A work around is to add them to the SO line comments.
webERP has a great discount management. You can check it in the manual.
Best regards!



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