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03-28-2017, 02:33 AM,
@agaluski, did you integrate a CRM application with webERP? Which one? How? Are you happy with the result?

I recently discovered the "Online Inventory Management" service erpBooks, which reports it was created by forking webERP and integrating with X2CRM. I don't know if erpBooks is successful, but was interested by X2CRM.

X2CRM (aka X2Engine) was founded by a co-founder of SugarCRM, to develop a new better UI and current web technologies (compared to the first generation open-source CRMs e.g. TigerCRM and SugarCRM). X2CRM was developed using the PHP Yii OO RAD framework (which coincidentally I used for Maestro development), and looks pretty fully-featured, although I'm pretty much a CRM noob. I also found it interesting that X2CRM initially used a "Freemium" business model, but announced April 2016 that the X2CRM company had become self-sufficient and that all Platinum features were included in the new v6 release (and that the Platinum-version license lock was now disabled).

I will spent some more time exploring X2CRM, but would really like to hear how successful other CRM integrations have been, and how the integration looks to a user., are you still working with SugarCRM?

03-28-2017, 05:12 PM,
Interesting - didn't know about this fork
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd
04-01-2017, 10:08 AM,
I fooled around some with X2CRM and it's a nice environment, but I like the simplicity of SuiteCRM better, at least on a tablet. However, I'm already somewhat familiar with Yii, which is a point in X2CRM's favour. I need to investigate how projects work in the two.

Has anyone been down the CRM integration path lately? Can you share a brief description of what the integration did for the user? I read an old post (maybe TigerCRM?) where IIRC they matched up tables in the CRM with tables in webERP having the same data, created new supertables with columns from both, and then modified both the CRM and webERP to use the new tables. Yuch! That just seems an unmaintainable mess, but please educate me if I'm wrong. I'm thinking of something towards the absolute bare minimum now, and grow later as needed.

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