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Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
04-15-2014, 06:08 AM,
Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
We have a need to be able to track and sell inventory for our some of suppliers. We have the following requirements:
1) Track Supplier Qty at each Location in the system (Create additional locations as needed)
2) Do not see this inventory in our G/L or Inventory Valuation Reports
3) Give each supplier ability to maintain Qty at each Location only for their Inventory
4) Have the ability to own some inventory of the Supplier's (In our Valuation and G/L) and also just see what they have that we don't own (See total Qty available to sell)
I was going to code the following changes and was wondering if people had feedback and or enhancements they would like to offer.
- Create a new table for Supplier Inventory (supplierstock) levels (Key Stock ID and Vendor ID) - and possibly also Supplier UOM, Their Part/Description copied from purchdata or linked to this table for display
- Modify PurchData.php to create supplierstock table in the background if it doesn't already exist, delete it is last purchdata record is removed for Stockid, Supplier ID
- Create a new table supplierstockloc (Key stock ID, Supplier ID, LocID) to hold the actual Qty
- New script accessible by Supplier when logged in for adding, updating and deleting supplierstockloc table
- New report script to show these Supplier Stock Levels (and include our own Inventory levels if selected)

Thoughts or feedback?

04-18-2014, 11:47 AM,
RE: Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
Hi, Andrew,

It sounds a great idea!

But how will you design the inventory input and output processes? Or in another words, what transaction involved to add or reduce suppliers' inventory? Just inventory adjustment by suppliers? Will you sell suppliers' inventory?

Does create an separate stockid for suppliers and another one for yourselves work? You can issue a zero price PO to purchasing it back, so it'll not shows on gl or inventory value report.
You can authorize suppliers an inventory adjustment authority for those items which belong to suppliers. One choice is to create an item group called suppliers. Then you just need revise some scripts to limit search to those item groups.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards!

04-21-2014, 11:22 PM,
RE: Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
Hello Exson,
I have created a new Supplier Inventory Maintenance Screen only accessible from Supplier Login. The Screen is linked from index.php (Supplier login options). The screen allows maintenance of Qty for any combination of System Locations, Supplier# and Stock ID for the selected supplier and ONLY for those Items setup in purchdata table. I am attaching the code. I have not yet fully tested it. I will also create an upload script in case the supplier has many items to maintain. The idea is that we have some suppliers that have inventory that we can sell but we need to know how much they have (in addition to how much we may have as well that we already purchased). There is no increment/decrement option. Just a method to say "Current OH"=zzz. This will be a daily update. Very soon I will be integrating WebERP with the Magento e-commerce package. The first integration is to send to Magento our inventory levels. But since in some cases we can sell supplier inventory I need to know our level + supplier level. If we sell the supplier inventory we will either a) purchase from them and resell to customer or b) send them an order to ship to customer and they will pay us some commission. So I do need to have just 1 stock item in my system but allow the supplier to maintain his Qty known by his ID.

In order to test this do the following
1) Setup Purchasing Data for 1 few stocks for the same supplier
2) Enable above Supplier with a Supplier Login
3) Login as supplier
4) Navigate to "SupplierInventory.php"

Attached Files
.txt   suppinventory.sql.txt (Size: 826 bytes / Downloads: 8)
.php   SupplierInventory.php (Size: 9.76 KB / Downloads: 7)
04-22-2014, 07:29 AM,
RE: Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
I have completed the upload via a csv as well. Just some final testing and then I will get it committed.
Currently there are no changes to any outputs or anyplace to see Supplier Inventory levels outside of the maintenance screen. The reason for this is is I will primarily use this in the Magento Inventory level interface I will be writing. If the users ask to see it in some lookups or reports I will add it as needed and share that code as well.
04-22-2014, 05:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-22-2014, 05:40 PM by phil.)
RE: Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
I wondered whether we could have a supplier inventory location... that is flagged as such in the location record and perhaps also the supplier who owns the stock. These locations would not appear on inventory valuation reports ... but be available as other locations to sell from or to plan from etc... so all the existing functionality around stock checks etc etc all works out of the box. There would need to be some changes around transfers and prevent receiving POs into these locations. We would then be able to give supplier logins access to this inventory location and no additional supplierstockloc table would be required?
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd
04-22-2014, 11:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-22-2014, 11:34 PM by agaluski.)
RE: Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
While I agree that may be some good functionality for an ERP system to have I am not sure how many others will have this requirement. Seems like quite a few places to put in restrictions or changes.
And for my purposes that would be overkill. I do not see them performing adjustments because they have to figure out what the Adjustment Qty is. I see in my case them either plugging in Current values from a report they have or uploading current values. I also see more work for the supplier because with my inventory I want batch control but for their inventory I don't care, and even them having to put in a dummy batch seems like more work for every item each day.
Using the secondary table also allows me to store my inventory in a UOM and let them input their inventory in their own UOM.

I also don't need to sell directly out their locations because I don't own the inventory to sell. I will either purchase it or have my e-commerce system send them an order and have no sales order in my system at all and just receive commission. Currently I made a very minor revision to index.html and added a new script. While I key off of purchdata I do not affect any other part of WebERP making it completely non invasive. I don't think the new table is much overhead.
But if it is a feature somebody else wants to code I can see down the road if I can use it. Right now I am going to go with what I have already finished.

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