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Inconsistent escaping of problem characters for SQL (' & etc.)
02-26-2014, 05:36 PM,
RE: Inconsistent escaping of problem characters for SQL (' & etc.)
(02-26-2014, 05:33 AM)phil Wrote: No I am opposed to MVC as I actively discourage abstraction where there is no scope for code reuse. We are all about readability and accessibility of the code contrary to best computer science practice

I think there's some room for flexibility when it comes to adopting some of the 'good' things about MVC.
Diving into the code a little bit more, in webERP's case I think some of the 'View' components (table,controls, menus etc.) could be abstracted with no loss of readability or accessibility but it would allow for a lot more flexibility wrt the display. Specifically in my case, since I will likely have to re-write (or at least examine) a good part of the code for my purposes, I'm thinking of integrating Bootstrap while I'm at it. Doing something like that without restructuring the 'display' components of the code would be a little bit of a nightmare. It doesn't bother me if that's not of interest to you upstream into core but I think it would help give webERP a more 'modern' look, with a lot more flexibility, and also has the added benefit that front-end designers won't have to worry about dealing with the 'business logic' and back-end designers don't need to think about html tags and css classes.

More on topic with my original post, the inconsistent escaping of outputs is precisely the sort of thing that abstraction can help with.

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