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Localization best practices
02-13-2014, 04:49 AM,
Localization best practices
Hi i'm currently resuming an old personal proyect, the localization of weberp to the legal normative currently in use in my country. I had to delay this proyect because i was working in another opensources empresarial tools implementations in my work (openerp, adempiere, vtigercrm).

Currently i believe that weberp is the best tool for small business, becouse of his low hardware/software requeriments, it even can be installed in a shared hosting without much troubles and provides all the needed tools for accountants/managers.

So to adapt the software i need to "add" al lot of thing to weberp. My question is: What are the recomendations to customize the software to a country without losing flexibility?

this is a brief list of the thing that i need to do

Add 3 legal fields in customers/suppliers
Add Sequences for purchases of the month
Add Sequences for sales of the month
Ability to skip purchase sequence for some purchase documents
Add subtypes to purchase documents (electronic, paper, etc)
Add subtypes to sales documents (electronic, paper, etc)
Add a new purchase document (maybe a subtype)
Add a new sales document (maybe a subtype)
Add 4 reports, based on sequences of sales/purchases and the "new" document types
Add ability to get the currency exchange rate from the country central bank

02-14-2014, 01:57 PM,
RE: Localization best practices

If your work is generic enough - with widespread usefulness to many and follow the recommendations here:

and code in the style described here:

and submit your work to then I will commit your work to the trunk in the first instance. When I am comfortable that you understand and follow the principles used throughout webERP I will give you write access to the svn repository and your upgrades will be without any trouble at all :-)
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd
02-22-2014, 03:04 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-22-2014, 04:26 AM by Soujiro.)
RE: Localization best practices
Ok first customizations done:

Added 3 fields to suppliers Table becouse of the needs of our country tax authority

legalcode (id of the supplier in the records of tax authority)
legalname (name of the supplier in the records of tax authority, not equal to fantasy/common name)
legalactivity (authorized business sector by the tax authority, example "sale of computer parts")

Added 2 fields to supptrans table

legaltype (type of the supplier document, needed for the mensual report to the tax authority, examples "Electronic invoice", "Paper Invoice", "Debit note")
sequence (numeric sequence used in the mensual report to record the purchases of the month. Foreing purchases are excluded of this report so the sequence can be null)

Added Table legaldocumenttype to record the document types valid in the country

typeid (code of the document)
legalname (name of the document type examples {"Electronic invoice","Electronic Credit Note"})
generictype (can be Purchase, Reverse-Purchase, Sale, Reverse-Sale)
legalcode (code in the records of tax authority of the document type. Needed in the mensual report to the tax authority)

Added LegalDocumentTypes.php script to maintain legaldocumenttype table

modified SupplierInvoice.php script, now you can choose the period in which the invoice will be registered or use the invoice date to determine the period (current method)
is allowed to manually enter the sequence of purchases
You can select the type of document based on the records in the table legaldocumenttype the generic type "Purchase"

The same modifications were added to the script SupplierCredit.php except that searches for generic type "Reverse-Purchase"

Now im working on the required purchase reports

Here some images

[Image: SQLReport_Example.jpg]

[Image: Suppliers.jpg]

[Image: Suppliers_Credit.jpg]

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