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prolem with WO and leadtime of purchased components
05-18-2012, 07:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-18-2012, 07:06 AM by opto.)
RE: prolem with WO and leadtime of purchased components
(04-29-2012, 10:13 AM)Exsonqu_Qu Wrote: That means you cannot manually issue a WO without SO or FOR, otherwise, the Top part will have no required date available.

I think this is a bug. If I make to stock, I create WO's to do that, but I want to manufacture only those and not create forecasts. Looking at the code and the wiki, master plan and autocreate masterplan are only used to create forecasts based on existing SO (autocreate) or on my own forecasted requirements.

What happens at the moment is:

create levels table.
higher levels: all items that are BOMs etc and have lower level parts
level 0: items that do not consist of other items

loop from high level to low level:
call levelnetting: does NOT use leadtime for part of this level and proposes PO without leadtime
levelnetting calls CreateLowerLevelReqirement and uses leadtime. This only creates a new requirement, not yet a planned PO.
On the next iteration of levels in levelnetting, this demand will be converted to a palnned PO.

Because createlowerlevelreq uses leadtime, all constitutnt parts will have leadtime considered
Because levelnetting does not consider leadtime, all requirements on that level do not use leadtime..

So, if A consists of

B and AB

and AB consists of
B and C,

then, after MRP, I will have one planned order for B with correct leadtime (originating from subBOM AB of part A), and I will have one planned order for B without lead time (from BOM for A)
Even worse: if I convert the proposed WO for AB to a WO, then both planned PO's will loose their lead timefor part B, as now the level of AB->B has changed due to the newly created WO.

FIX: move code for regarding leadtime from createlowerlevelreq into levelnetting.
Doing this, the leadtimes are used correctly for all levels. (have tested this)

I am not sure if this has an impact in other places (planned WO's, rescheduling etc.).
Another option of solving this problem would be to leave createlower .. as it is and use the leadtime in the place where the code for the first time fills the mrprequirements table.


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