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prolem with WO and leadtime of purchased components
04-28-2012, 11:52 PM
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RE: prolem with WO and leadtime of purchased components
Hi, Klaus:

Thank you for your report.

There is a bug in MRPCalendar which leads to the working days cannot be calculated correctly. I've fixed it in attached file.

Did your WO converted from Sales Orders or created according to master plan?

The estimated delivery date of SO or the MRP demand date are used to minus lead time, that's the logic to get the required date. (The date was calibrated by MRP calendar which ensuring that it's a working date).

Does this make sense?

Best regards!


(04-28-2012 08:16 AM)opto Wrote:  I think this worked a few versions ago?

I have BOMS with a few purchased items.and have entered purchsing date, preferred supplier and leadtime. BOM set to autoissue.

After MRP calculation, suggested PO has for all purchased items the end date of the PO as MRP date and due date (?).

Shouldn't this be issueing date of WO minus lead time?

Again my question: is anybody using MRP, in which weberp version, and which features?
Is this supposed to work, or not? Any insight is appreciated.


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