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How to create new language
11-30-2013, 02:47 PM,
How to create new language
Please step to me for create new language. And my locattion in thailand not have thai langusge.
11-30-2013, 05:31 PM,
RE: How to create new language
Make a new directory for the Thai language


and a new directory for the translations strings underneath this directory:


Take the file


and copy it to a new directory for Thai


You should now edit


to enter all your translations for each line that starts with msgid there needs to by a msgstr below it with the translation - you can look at some of the other translations to see how this is done. You can do this using any editor - or you can get a tool like poedit to do this for you from a nice GUI.

Once you have done all the translations (a big job!!) you run msgfmt (linux) or msgfmt.exe (windows) to create the binary

You also need to go to the file


and edit this to include your language/country settings:

$LanguagesArray['th_TH.utf8']['LanguageName'] = 'Thai';
$LanguagesArray['th_TH.utf8']['WindowsLocale'] = 'thai';
$LanguagesArray['th_TH.utf8']['DecimalPoint'] = '.';
$LanguagesArray['th_TH.utf8']['ThousandsSeparator'] = ',';

I am not sure what the windows locale name for Thai is though and you should use the Thai name for Thai in the character set that Thai people would understand for the Language name.

It would be great if you would submit your messages.po once you have edited it for your translations and I will include it in the distribution.

There are some other details at the link below:

Good luck!!
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd

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