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weberpdemo wo problem
04-16-2012, 09:34 PM,
weberpdemo wo problem
create a bunch of items.: A, B, AB, C. A and AB are manufactured.
for first, set plant and maintenance

set BOMs forAB, A

enter a WO: set start, required day, update
try to enter item A - not possible because it is in plant and maintenance.

so far, everytng is ok.

leave the add WO screen, go to items, select A, change category to air conditioning.

go to select workorders to find the one that was created with the update after entering the dates - it is not shown.

Well, press add wo:
database complains

Database Error :
Duplicate entry '21' for key 'PRIMARY'

Database SQL Failure : The SQL that failed was
INSERT INTO workorders (wo, loccode, requiredby, startdate) VALUES ('18', 'MEL', '2012-04-16', '2012-04-16')

this is correct, because WO 18 shipped already as part of the weberpdemo database.

Bug? Why was the WO counter for the next free id reset in the above procedure?

workaround: pressing add wo often enough will lead to a proposed new id that actually is unused.



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