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More than 1 image per stockid?
08-18-2013, 02:11 PM,
More than 1 image per stockid?
Hi all:

Now weBERP can manage 1 JPG file for each stockid, all stored in one folder.

I wish we could handle more than 1 picture for each item.

I've been thinking about it but could not get a logical and universal way to do it.

1) Keeping 1 folder for each stockid. Not sure of OS restrictions in number of folders.

2) Adding a suffix to the file name seems the easier way to get it, but not sure which kind of suffix. It should start by a char not used in stockid, and acceptable by the OS in the file system.

3) Keeping a table containing the relationship between the stockid and its pictures (so we can have any filename and any number). Probably the most flexible.

Which is your POV regarding this issue?
Pak Ricard

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